2015 AFC Champions League-Evergrande wins Western Sydney or sets world record: 17 minutes of extra time _1

2015 AFC Champions League-Evergrande wins Western Sydney or sets world record: 17 minutes of extra time
At 16:30 on March 4, Beijing time, the second round of the 2015 AFC Champions League Group H started. Guangzhou Evergrande defeated the Western Sydney Wanderers 3-2 away.In this game, Zeng Cheng and Jin Yingquan collided and fell to the ground, causing the game to be interrupted for 10 minutes. The stoppage time for the whole game was as long as 17 minutes, which may have created a record of maximum stoppage time in the official game of world football.The Air Force, in a Bolivian League game in July 2004, the Blooming team against the Aurora team, when the referee Antiguar pointed out 16 minutes of stoppage time, but not as good as Guangzhou Evergrande and Western SydneyWanderer’s stoppage time for this game.Evergrande’s victory over Western Sydney or a world record in this game, the referee’s penalty caused controversy, but the focus of the game is not the case.In the 68th minute, Spiranovic scored a goal but was sentenced to offside.Just before this goal, Zeng Cheng violently collided with Kim Ying-quan when he attacked.Both Zeng Cheng and Jin Yingquan fell to the ground and the game was interrupted. Both the Guangzhou Hengda team doctor and the Western Sydney Rangers team doctor entered the court to deal with it.From Zeng Cheng and Kim Ying-quan fell to the ground until the referee officials continued the game, it took more than 10 minutes, and the fourth official proposed stoppage time up to 17 minutes.Evergrande wins Western Sydney or sets a world record: 17 minutes of extra stoppage time In football games, 6-7 minutes of stoppage time is considered to be a longer stoppage time, and there is often a lore situation in the last minute of stoppage time, butWith 17 minutes of super long stoppage time, the name is small.17 minutes of stoppage time may be the largest total stoppage time record in football!In a competition in July 2004 against the Aurora team of the Bolivia League Blooming team, the referee Antiguar announced a 16-minute stoppage time.However, the referee was called a super long stoppage time in this game, which was a personal error. He was therefore suspended by the Bolivian Football Association for two months.The level of the initial game is low, and there are some problems with the long stoppage time. In the history of the World Cup, there have been over 10 minutes of stoppage time, which is also related to Bolivia.In the 1994 World Cup group match, South Korea’s 0-0 draw against Bolivia, the game’s stoppage time was 13 minutes and 40 seconds, which was the world’s longest record of stoppage time.  The longest record of stoppage time in the history of the Premier League appeared in Manchester City against Swansea in October 2012. The stoppage time was 12 minutes and 42 seconds.The reason for the extra long stoppage time in this game is similar to that of Guangzhou Evergrande’s 3-2 victory over the Western Sydney Rangers, all because of injury to the player.In La Liga, there was also overtime of more than 10 minutes. Barcelona beat the Spaniards 2-1 in the La Liga of 2008-2009 season. The time of this game is 13 minutes.In the Ecuador League Quito Sports University team’s 2-1 victory over Atletico Barcelona, the stoppage time also reached 13 minutes, and in Cottbus 2-0 victory over Osnabrook’s Bundesliga, the stoppage time was as long as12 minutes.In the 2011-2012 season in the Premier League, Chelsea beat Norwich 3-1, and the game had 11 minutes of stoppage time.In the 2010-2011 Premier League, Arsenal drew Liverpool 1-1, with 12 minutes of stoppage time.  In fact, in the Chinese team’s game, there are some cases of overtime.At 3 pm on June 2, 2007, the Sichuan team and the Guangxi Tianji team launched a top game in the South Division of the Chinese Football League.When the referee announced the second half of the stoppage time up to 13 minutes!In the 28th round of the 2011 Chinese Super League, Tianjin TEDA lost 0-1 to Beijing Guoan at home. The actual stoppage time for this game was 11 minutes.When the second half came to the 8th minute, the referee awarded Tianjin Teda a penalty, but Yang Zhi saved the penalty in the 100th minute to ensure that Beijing Guoan took three points away from the road.  In the 23rd round of the 2013 Chinese Super League, the game time exceeded 100 minutes. Shanghai Shenhua defeated Wuhan Zhuoer 2-1 at home. In the 96th minute, Shanghai Shenhua kicked off the corner. The referee committed a drag and a penalty kick.Zhu Ting was extremely dissatisfied with the penalty and was shown a second yellow card. He was sent off, and Hatib took a penalty kick to complete the lore!The whole game didn’t end until the 101st minute. The referee on duty, Jaya, was escorted under the protection of the police shield. This game was also a controversial game of the season!In 2014, the third round of the Chinese Football Association Cup broke out. Unexpectedly, the team Wuhan Hongxing defeated the Chinese Super League Shanghai Shanggang 4-3 after a penalty shootout. It reached the top 16 of the Football Association Cup for the first time in history.The time appointed by the four officials was 9 minutes, and the actual time exceeded 10 minutes.(Li Zhe)