Beijing Culture said that The Trilogy of Fengshen will not be affected, and post-production will proceed normally

Beijing Culture said that “The Trilogy of Fengshen” will not be affected, and post-production will proceed normally
On the evening of April 29, Lou Xiaoxi, the former vice chairman of Beijing Culture, published an article on Weibo, reporting the real names of Beijing cultural executives Song Ge and Zhang Yunlong on suspicion of “appropriation of funds, job embezzlement, and performance fraud”.That night, Beijing Culture immediately issued a statement in response to the reported financial fraud, saying that the reporter and former vice chairman of Beijing Culture, Lou Xiaoxi, had fled overseas on suspicion of misappropriation of funds, and his Weibo spread false statements and personally attacked executives.Has affected Beijing’s cultural reputation and normal operation.>>>北京文化称举报人散布不实言论已出逃海外 北京文化曾参与出品过《战狼2》《流浪地球》《我不是药神》等爆款电影,而此次涉嫌的造假指控在网上There was a lot of public opinion about whether it had an impact on the post-production “Fengshen Trilogy”. Sauna and Yewang contacted Beijing culture. The other party said, “The post-production of” Fengshen Trilogy “is proceeding normally.”influences. The “Four Gods Trilogy” is directed by Wu Ershan and starred by Huang Bo, Fei Xiang, Li Xuejian, Xia Yu, Chen Kun, Yuan Quan, etc. It is a blockbuster movie project sponsored by Beijing Culture.The total production cost is up to 3 billion.At the beginning of 2020, “The Trilogy of Sealing the Gods” has all been completed, and it is currently under intense post-production.It is reported that the first part has been scheduled for release in the summer of 2020, and the latter two will be released in 2021 and 2022.Sauna, Yenet Editor Teng Chao Huang Jialing Proofreading Li Lijun