guess!Is Haoran’s brother riding a landscape school or a wind school

guess!Is Haoran’s brother riding a “landscape school” or a “wind school”
Sauna Night News May 6, the orange brand of Didi Chuxing officially announced that Liu Haoran became the first brand spokesperson, and at the same time released two new functions related to Liu Haoran.After joining the orange, Liu Haoran initiated the call of the orange rider Dibiker, calling on the wind-chasing teenagers to start a fresh and sunny city exploration tour. In the future, he will allow him to participate in the research and development of green oranges in riding experience and product design.In the brand-new brand poster, Liu Haoran interpreted the product characteristics of green orange and beautiful riding with elegant, stable and fresh and dynamic riding postures, and launched a convening order for the “riding every opponent” event, and unlocked the “landscape” and”Wind speed” two riding attitudes, convene fans and riders who love life to ride their own young posture.In life, Liu Haoran, a lover of riding, is also a loyal user of Qingju. He described Qingju as a refreshing and sunny chasing young man. With Qingju, cycling is not just a journey, but also a new and interesting new journey.Two new features, after seeing Haoran Happy Ride have the first spokesperson, Didi Mobility APP, Qinju APP and Qinju applet will be launched successively, “Greeting Interactive Popup” and “Haoran Same Frame Filter” HaoRan series of interactive functions allow users to “happily see Haoran and ride happily” in the lock room.Qingju: As one of the three giants sharing the two-wheeled travel industry, Qingju is not in a hurry to pursue short-term scale and expansion, and it is even steadily playing its role as a platform leader in the bicycle sharing industry.”Big data + grid” refined operation management model, at the same time for product research and development, continue to launch new models, including BMX, variable speed car, electric moped and other personalized models, at the same time take the lead in the online seat adjuster, electric bill “”Nightwatch” and other innovative features bring a more comprehensive and safe product experience to users with different needs.The combination of scientific and technological forces with road surface control reduces excess and shortage of vehicles, guarantees convenient travel, and maintains urban order.Although the green orange brand was created only a few years after the development of the shared bicycle industry, but missed the early disorderly release of the industry, green orange quickly moved to a mature and rational healthy development road, starting from the actual needs of users and facing the government, Use safer, greener and healthier product experiences to drive user growth and ensure that various travel scenarios are met.Sauna Night Editor Tong Na proofreading Wu Xingfa