2017 Indonesia Open Chen Xiaoxin VS Ma Lin match video recording_1

2017 Indonesia Open Chen Xiaoxin VS Ma Lin game video recording
On June 14th, Beijing time, in the first round of the Badminton Indonesia Open, Chinese 19-year-old Chen Xiaoxin saved two match points in a row, 2 to 1 reversal eliminated the Rio Olympic champion Marin, especially in the case of backwardness in the tiebreaker, Chen XiaoxinThe spirit of never giving up is worthy of praise.Of course, in today’s women’s singles trough period, it is too early to say that Chen Xiaoxin is carrying the banner, but the experience of defeating the Olympic champion will be beneficial to Chen Xiaoxin’s self-confidence growth and career growth.The following is a video playback of the 2017 Indonesia Open Chen Xiaoxin VS Ma Lin competition: In the Indonesia Open, the national feather women’s singles once again sent 4 teenagers with an average age of only 20 years old, and the first round of competition was mixed, He Bingjiao,Chen Yufei is out of the game, Sun Yu and Chen Xiaoxin are successfully breaking through. Among them, Chen Xiaoxin is the champion of the three-game hard-to-crie Rio Olympic Games, and the second-ranked Spanish star Marin.Officials from both sides have never had a record against each other, but the 19-year-old has inherited the spirit of Guo Yu’s predecessors who did not give up. In the first two games, the two sides reached a 1-1 draw. The key tie-breaker has just scored.Marlin, who was tied, took the lead and exchanged the field with an 11-7 lead. After the side battle, Chen Xiaoxin did not give up playing very tenaciously. He was chased by 4 points even after 10-14, and the two sides have been fighting until 18After the tie, Marin scored 2 points in a row to get the match point, but Chen Xiaoxin had a big heart at the critical moment. She let go of two match points and saved 2 points, 22 to 20, Chen XiaoxinThe reversal won the tiebreaker and won 2-1.  Chen Xiaoxin was born in April 1998. The Guangxi badminton team from Zhao Jianhua as the head coach is currently ranked 33 in the world. It is the fourth women’s singles in China after Sun Yu, He Bingjiao and Chen Yufei, but the previous ranking is not enough.Can qualify for the August World Championships.In terms of historical results, Chen Xiaoxin was a member of the 2014 World Youth Championship. The best record before was the Swiss women’s singles championship in March this year, which was also her first championship in the adult competition.In addition, Chen Xiaoxin also broke into the finals of the Macau Gold Medal last year, but unfortunately eventually won the runner-up.  Once upon a time, the women’s singles was the most stable gold winning point for the national feathers. From Sydney to London, this Olympic gold medal has never been dropped.But in the Rio Olympics cycle, the advantages of the national feather women’s singles have disappeared, and even no medals in the Rio Olympics. Except for Li Xuerui who won two runner-ups in the three World Championships, no one can break into the semifinals.It is very rare in the history of Guoyu women’s singles.The new Tokyo Olympics cycle, Wang Yihan and Wang Shixian retired, Li Xuerui’s injury, Sun Yu, He Bingjiao, Chen Yufei, Chen Xiaoxin and other young generation players had to be pushed to the stage urgently, however, none of them could pickLift the girders.  Of course, it is too early to say that Chen Xiaoxin can carry the flag of women’s singles. She still needs a series of international competitions to further exercise and test. After all, for a 19-year-old teenager, Chen Xiaoxin still lacks stability.The championship once encountered the embarrassment of a round of games, but this time it is possible to defeat Marin, which is beneficial to the growth of Chen Xiaoxin’s self-confidence and career growth. This victory may be a new starting point for her career.Although Malin Rio was in poor condition after the Olympics, the series finals at the end of last year also lost 0-2 to Sun Yu, but it is undeniable that the Olympic champion is still there, don’t forget that she won the World Championship twiceThe champion, in the era of Guo Yu two kings and one Li, was called the bitter leader of the national feather women’s singles. Before Dai Ziying ruled the women’s singles, Marin was also her biggest territory.